February 28, 2012

Mystery Islands on Tuesday Topics

This week's Tuesday Topics is about a Mystery Island!  The questions are as follows:

If you were headed to a mystery island would you want to go there all alone or with someone? If you were with someone, who would that person be?
What item or items are an absolute necessity for you to have on the island? What items would you bring with you? What items could you not live without?
What (if anything) on the island would scare you?
How long would you be willing to stay on the island with no outside communication?

Being alone on the island would be fun for a while. Then I would get lonely and sad (like that is anything new).  I would not want to take just one person.  I want my hubby, children, brother (his wife and kids), and dogs there to enjoy the peace and quiet with me.  We all need a break from this thing called life!

We would need toilet paper, warm weather & cold weather clothes, blankets, pillows, food, and bottled water.  Diet Pepsi I could not live without but it would run out eventually...and there is probably no way to keep it cold.

I would be scared of snakes and creepy crawly things and spiders...and running out of Diet Pepsi!

If the people listed above were with me I could go for months without outside communication. If they are not with me then I would only last a few day (hours) without outside communication.


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