May 23, 2022

The Floor Is Lava....Guess I Will Watch TV

Last night, Riley thought it was too early to go to bed because the sun is still it.
But she wasn't able to get off the bed because the I told her the floor is lava!
So she decided to watch Despicable Me with her Mama.
Photo (c)2022 Shannon G. Wamsley - Photo taken 22 May 2022.Photo (c)2022 Shannon G. Wamsley - Photo taken 22 May 2022.
Photos (c)2022 Shannon G. Wamsley
Photos taken 22 May 2022.

May 22, 2022

Sunday Stealing: From 5000 Questions

This week's Sunday Stealing was stolen from 5000 Questions.
1. Who do you take for granted?

I take myself for granted often. I have been struggling with this all my life.  Some days the struggle wins, some days I win.

2. Short, knee, or ankle skirts?

If I absolutely have to wear a skirt then I prefer ankle length skirts.  

3. Do you wear a hat?

I do not wear hats.  

4. Who's your favorite cartoon character?

 Growing up, I loved Snoopy, the Tasmanian Devil (Taz), Scooby Doo, the Smurfs and many others.  Out of all of my favorites, my most favorite is Snoopy.
5. Does break dancing impress you?

I am not sure I would ever be able to break dance. I am sure I would actually break something.  So I am impressed by those brave enough to break dance.   

6. Are you a miracle?

All life forms are miracles....even me.  

7. Have you ever eaten tofu?

I have eaten tofu a few times.  I can take it or leave it.
8. Does the moon have an effect on your mood?

The moon does not have an effect on my mood.  
9. Many people will say that the Harry Potter books are pure fluff with no literary value. Do you agree?

 I do not agree.  I think the Harry Potter books do have literary value.  These books have encouraged the younger generation to read, and to read more.  As well as opened up people's imagination. 

10. What are you doing next Wednesday?


11. Why do so many people think Elvis is still alive?

Millions of people loved Elvis and because of their love for him, it is hard to let go of him.

12. Are your hands cold?

My hands are not cold at this moment.  My feet usually get cold before my hands do.

13. Have you ever given blood?

I have given blood, but it was many, many. years ago.  
14. What Sci-Fi books do you read?

I read classics, like The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Dune, Fahrenheit 451 and more. 

15. Have you ever belonged to a sorority or a fraternity?

I have not.  

May 15, 2022

Sunday Stealing: Hodgepodge

This week's Sunday Stealing was stolen from This Side of the Pond.

1. Where do you get your news these days?

I get my news online, usually through Yahoo News and Google News.

2. Do you like crab meat? What makes you crabby?

Every now and then I will eat crab meat, just not too often.  I don't hate crab meat but it is not my first choice when eating seafood.

Super cold temperatures, shoveling snow, folding laundry and waiting in a long line makes me crabby.  

3. Does freedom mean more choices? Have you ever felt there were too many choices? Elaborate.

I believe that freedom means more choices.  However, I do feel there can be too many choices, which leads to feeling overwhelmed.  For example: When I go into a coffee shop and look over the menu, I am overwhelmed by the abundance of choices.  I get so overwhelmed that I order what I always order and never try new things.  

4. Barbara Millicent Roberts was introduced to the world on March 9, 1959...that's Barbie to most of us. Did you have Barbies as a kid, or did you let your own children play with Barbies? What well known Barbara (living or not) would you most like to meet?

I had several Barbies when I was a kid and I let my children play with Barbies.  I would love to meet Barbara Bush.  

5. What are three things you value most in another person?

Kindness, honesty and trustworthiness.

6. How would you define “old.” At what age is a person old?

 I define old as living for a very long time.  As a kid, I thought 40 was old.  Now that I am over 50, I feel that 80+ years is old.

7. A place you’ve been that’s “old.” Tell us something about your visit there.

St. Augustine, Florida.  Growing up, I went there with my parents and brother on a family vacation. St. Augustine is a beautiful city, with a lot of historical sites to visit.  I remember visiting Castillo de San Marcos, the Fountain of Youth and Fort Matanzas. 

8. Something you miss about the “good old days.” When were they?

I miss my grandparents. I miss sitting with them on the porch, listening the to them tell stories of their good old days.

9. In what way are you a 'chip off the old block'? Or if you'd rather, in what way is your child a 'chip off the old block'?

My dad had a great work ethic and I believe I am a chip off the old block when it comes to work.  I work hard at my job and I do it well.    I think my children are a chip of the old block when it comes to their looks, since they look like me. 

10. Old fashioned, Old Testament, old timer, same old same old, old glory, good old boy, old wives tale...choose an 'old' phrase that relates to something in your life or the wider world currently and explain.

A few old wives tales my mom used to tell me: 
  • Don't sit too close to the tv or you will go blind (I am not blind yet, so I assume that one is false).
  • Don't go swimming 30 minutes after eating or you will get cramps.  (I have many times and did not get cramps).
  • Don't drink coffee, it will stunt your growth. (I am six foot tall.)
11. July 5th is National Hawaii Day...have you ever been to Hawaii? Any desire to visit or make a return trip? Pineapple, mango, or guava...what's your pleasure?

I have not yet been to Hawaii but going there at least one time is on my bucket list. I like pineapple and mango, especially in a smoothie!

12. Last time you were 'thrown in at the deep end'? Explain.

The last time I was thrown in the deep end was at work. I will not go into details, but I feel I was able to adapt and overcome things quickly.  
13. Sun, sea, sand, salt...your favorite when it comes to summer?

Sun!  I love the sun and warmer temperatures!   

14. Bury your head in the sand, the sands of time, draw a line in the sand, pound sand, shifting sands...pick one and tell us how the phrase currently relates to your life in some way.

The sands of time relates to my life.  I feel time is slipping away from me too quickly and that I am missing out on things.  I fear death....I do not want to die.  I know that one day I will but will do all I can to slow down the sands of time.  

15. On a scale of 1-10 (1 = make your own rules and 10=like a warden), how strict were your parents? If you're a parent where on the scale do you land?

I feel my parents were around a 5.   I am a parent and I think I was too strict...around an 8.

May 14, 2022

Camera Critters: Life With Riley

Queen Riley Bean resting on her throne....

Photo (c)2022 Shannon G. Wamsley 

The Queen does not want her Mama to leave so she is holding her Mama down.

Photo (c)2022 Shannon G. Wamsley
Just a girl and a duck.
Photo (c)2022 Shannon G. WamsleyPhoto (c)2022 Shannon G. Wamsley
Photos (c)2022 Shannon G. Wamsley

May 13, 2022

May 12, 2022

May 2022 Activities at The Pixel Palace

National Lemonade Day
May 1st
Lemonade stand by me.
All other tubes from Precious Little Pixels (site closed)

Blessings to You on Mother's Day
(a Mother's Day banner)
May 8th
Tubes from Country Pixel Paws

National Hamburger Day
May 28th
Burger and glass are edited freeware
Background is from Country Pixel Paws
May 2022 Checking In Graphics
All edited freeware
Do NOT claim these as your own.
If you use them, do NOT rip them apart. 
If you use them, a link back to the artist listed on them is required.