June 15, 2021

June 14, 2021

June 13, 2021

Sunday Stealing: LEP

1. Describe your phone lock screen:
My lock screen is this photo of my dog...
2. How often do you journal?

I blog nearly every day, if that counts.  I no longer hand write a journal.   

3. What’s your favorite thing to teach others?

My favorite thing to teach others is to be kind.   

4. How do you like to spend Sundays?

I like to spend my Sundays being lazy.  Waking up late in the morning, hanging out at the house all day, then back to bed.   

5. What would you describe as your kryptonite?

My kryptonite is seeing animals hurt, bleeding or deceased.

6. A TV show or movie you thought was really bad:

I thought the Twilight saga was bad. I know many people that disagree with me.

7. Do you know your mail carrier?

I do not know their names or anything about them.   

8. Which regional foods are your favorite?

Since I currently live in Wisconsin, my favorite regional foods are Kringle's and brats.

9. What was your life like 20 years ago?

20 years ago, my children were age 8 and 12.  The three of us lived in a not so great house, with our dog, Annabelle. I had a crappy car, and was trying to find a job.  We did not have much of anything.    

10. Crafting hobbies that you’d like to learn or improve

I would like to improve my crocheting and knitting skills.  

11. What is your favorite type of YouTube videos?

I love watching hilarious dog videos and I watch a lot of music videos.    

12. Describe your surroundings:

I am in my home office, surrounded by a desktop computer, a laptop, two monitors, a glass top desk, and a two drawer file cabinet.  There is also a freezer, fireplace, plants, and lots of storage space near me.

13. You're making a Time Capsule to be opened in 50 years. What 3 things would you put in it?

A photo of my children, my wedding rings and a letter of how life currently is.  

14. Something you learned recently that resonated with you:

I recently learned that sometimes people feel the same way I do, they just hid it (for whatever reason), and I have to respect them wanting to not talk about it.

June 12, 2021

Camera Critters: At The Lake

Just hanging out at Grandma's place at Lake Neshonoc...
 Photo (c)2021 Shannon G. Wamsley Photo Taken 12 June 2021
Watching all the neighbors....
Photo (c)2021 Shannon G. Wamsley Photo Taken 12 June 2021
Photos (c)2021 Shannon G. Wamsley
Photos Taken 12 June 2021

June 11, 2021

eCard of the Week #415: Busy As Possible

I like to stay as busy as possible to take my mind off
how much I hate the things I do to stay busy.

June 8, 2021

You Are Loved

Today, when you look at your life, who you have become, be grateful that you've made it to today. I am sure you have had moments when you thought you were gonna drown. When you felt like you couldn't handle it any longer. BUT you are here and you are stronger than you thought you were. You are stronger than you think you are today.

You didn't arrive alone. You have had provision that surprised you, and support that helped hold you up You may not have even realized the influence that a simple smile may have had on your troubled heart or the hand that diverted that "last straw" that would have completely broken you.

Let the memory of your trials be a place of gratitude and the memory of your times of joy be sustenance for what may be hard today. If your days are easy right now, store the joy in your heart like priceless treasure! Be the influence of strength while you are strong. Be the smile, the comfort of provision, the words of experience. 

 Know that you are loved.

June 7, 2021

My Contributions to the June 2021 The Pixel Palace Activities

Below are my June 2021 contributions to activities at The Pixel Palace

June 2021 Calendar
Calendar Template: Country Pixel Paws.
Designed by Me, using edited freeware.
June 2021 Quilt Block
Quilt Block Tubed by Gad
Designed by Me, using edited freeware.

June 2021 Ride
Greyscale Pool by Gad
Girl Credit: Country Pixel Paws
Designed by Me, using edited freeware.
D-Day WWII, June 6, 2021
Designed by Me, using edited freeware.
Father's Day June 20, 2021
Designed by Me, using edited freeware.
National Selfie Day June 21, 2021
Greyscale Camera by P2P
Dog by Me; Designed by Me.
June 2021 Checking In Graphics
Designed by Me, using edited freeware.

June 6, 2021

Sunday Stealing: Let's Go To Dinner

This Sunday Stealing was stolen from The Queen's Meme.
1. When is the last time you went out to a meal with someone special? Tell us about it.

The last time I went out to a meal with someone special was over a year ago.  My husband and I went to my favorite steakhouse (Texas Roadhouse) and had a nice, quiet dinner together.

2. Show us a picture of your favorite cuisine.
3. What is the funniest thing a man/woman has said to you lately?

 I cannot think of any thing.

4. What makes a gentleman a gentleman in today’s dating world? Are there any left?

A gentleman does not lie or cheat.  I am not sure there are any left in this world.  

5. Is there anything you won’t tolerate when out to dinner with your significant other?

No burping or farting at the table.  

6. What type of ambiance do you enjoy in an eating establishment?

Quiet with good lighting, and menus that I can read.  

7. Tell us about the worst public dining experience you ever had, whether it be a date or with your family.

Getting a pizza that was not all the way cooked and getting sick on the way home.

8. What is the lamest or rudest thing a man/woman has said to you lately?

 I cannot think of any thing.

9. Are you a good tipper?

I think I am.  I tip 15% to 20% per meal.  

10. Do you ask for doggie bags when you leave food on your plate at a restaurant?

It depends on what I had.  If it is a meat item, then I take it home.  

11. What is your pet peeve about restaurants and dining out in general?

Restaurants that has really loud music.  I prefer to be able to hear the person I am with and I like to speak without yelling.

12. Do you prefer to order yourself or do you ever let your significant other order for you?

I prefer to order for myself.  

13. Describe your most intimate romantic dinner ever. (fantasy or real)

I really do not get into intimate romantic dinners.  I would rather stay home and cook a meal for the two of us.  

14. Do you enjoy piano bars?

I do not.  

15. If you could go anywhere in the world for dinner, where would it be and who would you be with?

I would love to go to Ireland and have dinner.  I would take my husband, our dog, our brother's,  our sister-in-law's and his parents with us.

June 5, 2021

Bow Tie Pasta Salad

Dressing Ingredients

    - 1 cup mayonnaise
    - 3 tablespoons relish (sweet or dill)
    - 2 tablespoons granulated sugar
    - 1 teaspoon yellow mustard
    - 1 tablespoon white vinegar
    - 1/2 teaspoon salt
    - 1/2 teaspoon black pepper

Salad Ingredients

    - 1 pound bow tie pasta 8 ounces cheddar cheese diced
    - 1 cup fully-cooked ham diced
    - 1/2 small white or sweet onion peeled and finely diced
    - 1/2 cup frozen peas thawed
    - 1/2 cup red bell pepper seeded and finely diced


    - In a small bowl, whisk together the dressing ingredients.
    - Cover and refrigerate.
    - Boil the pasta according to the package directions, just until al dente.
    - Drain and rinse with cold water.
    - In a large mixing bowl, toss together all of the ingredients with the dressing.
    - Cover and refrigerate for 1 hour before serving.