Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Shelby Modeling the Flame Bandana

Last week, I purchased a new bandana for Shelby
and last Sunday, she sat still long enough for a photo.
Photo (c)2016 Shannon G. Wamsley

Monday, August 22, 2016

Blog4Peace 2016 Is November 4, 2016

Hello Everyone!

The next Blog4Peace 2016 will be held on November 4, 2016. Are you ready?

This year's theme is..... Walk the Change. Do what it takes.

Links to help you on your path to Blog4Peace 2016....

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday Stealing: Shannon's Moments Meme, Part One

This week's Sunday Stealing was stolen by the author of Sunday Stealing from my blog! 
What a nice surprise and so exciting to be a part of Sunday Stealing!  Play along with us. :)
1. Do you like bleu cheese? Yes.

2. Have you ever smoked cigarettes? If yes, how did you quit? I have never smoked cigarettes and I plan to never do so.

3. Do you own a gun? How are your feelings about gun control/2nd amendment rights? I do own guns and feel strongly about owning and keeping my guns.  I want to be able to protect myself and my family if needed.

4. What is your favorite flavor of water or liquor flavors? I love lemon flavored water.

5. Do you get nervous before a doctor visit? Why? I get very nervous and doctors have told me I have "white coat syndrome".  I stress about everything and everytime I go to the doctor I am so sure they will give me bad news.

6. How do you like your hot dogs? I like my hot dogs on a bun with pickle relish.

7. Although it’s been asked a lot, tell us about a favorite movie that you haven’t shared before. One of my favorite movies that I have not talked about much before is "Serenity".  The movie was directed by Joss Whedon and is based on the syfy show, "Firefly".

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Coffee and water.

9. In a dating situation, have you ever misrepresented yourself to seem cooler or hipper? (Yes we know for most of you it was long ago…) No, I have no reason to.  People accept me for who I am or they can piss off.

10. What’s your favorite piece of jewelry? Why? The necklace in the photo to the left.  My son gave me it to me before he passed away. It is for Leukemia Awareness.

11. Favorite hobby? Tell us about it so we understand it.  My current favorite hobby is sleeping.  Sleeping helps me escape the crazy of the world.  Plus when sleeping, I dream of family members (my son, mom, dad, grandparents) and they are alive again.

12. Do you have A.D.D., or have you suspected it? Yes and yes.  I have been diagnosed with depression, and manic-depressive and anxiety.

13. What’s a thing you dislike or would change about yourself? My weight.

14. Middle name? Like it or not? My middle name is Gayle and I do like it.

15. Name three random thoughts you might have on this week: "Ugh, tomorrow is Monday", "It is going to be a long week at work.", "I can't wait until this Fiscal Year is over!"

16. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink. Tell us a bit about them. Coffee, Water and Cherry Coke Zero.   I like my coffee with creamer and Splenda; and I like my water and Cherry Coke Zero as cold as possible.

17. Current worry: I am worried about what to have for dinner tonight; as well as the state of our country.

18. Current annoyance: All the political stuff.

19. Favorite place to be in the summer? Give us a wee bit more than “the beach”.  Of course I would love to be at the beach, but the beach is too far away from where I live.  So, my next favorite place to be is at home in the air conditioner....just being lazy.

20. How do you usually ring in the new year? If forced (how we’d do that without Judd coming to your house, if you even know who he was) to do something new, what would it be? For the last 5 years or so, my idea of ringing in the new year has been done by laying in bed watching The Ball drop in New York...then turning off the tv and going to bed.  If forced to do something new, I might be persuaded to actually sit in my living room and watch The Ball drop.   I am not really sure who Judd is...should I be scared.

21. What have you done this summer that’s special? Pictures please. I have not done anything special this summer....yet.

22. Have you ever walked into a room with just shoes on? Yes and I have come very close to walking outside with just shoes on.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Ignoring the Human With the Camera

It's all fun and games until Mama gets the camera out.
Shelby was ignoring me earlier today because I had my camera out.
Photo (c)2016 Shannon G. Wamsley

Friday, August 19, 2016

eCard of the Week #153: I Love You

Never pass up the chance to say "I Love You",
because tomorrow is not promised.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Monday, August 15, 2016

2016 Bangor Fun Daze Parade

Over the weekend Bangor, Wisconsin celebrated Bangor Daze.  As part of that celebration there was a parade yesterday.

Shelby began watching the parade while sitting in my lap but the noise scared her and she went inside to hide.
 As I watched the parade, Shelby watched me from the safety of the house.
 Just a few photos from the parade that I though would be interesting.  A choo choo train on wheels and a purple cow.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday Stealing: The Gal's Meme, Part Two

This week's Sunday Stealing was stolen from The Gal Herself
who stole it from Kwizgiver. Enjoy!

What did your last text message say? It was from my husband and it said, "I will be waiting in the lobby."

Are you someone’s best friend? Tell us about your friendship. Yes I am. We are open and honest with each other and can talk about anything.

What are you doing tomorrow?  Working

What do you think of when you think of Australia? Kangaroos.

Last person you talked to on the phone? What about? A co-worker.  We were talking about work stuff.

Any plans today? Do tell. Dinner at my mother-in-laws house.

What makes you happy? My dog, chocolate and sleeping in late.

What’s your favorite room where you live? My bedroom.

Biggest annoyance in your life right now? Not being able to get enough sleep.

Last movie you saw? Review, please. The last movie I saw (rented it on Xbox One) was Kung Fu Panda 3.  I loved it and I enjoy watching/listening to Jack Black.  I am horrible at writing reviews so to find out more about this movie go to www.imdb.com/title/tt2267968/

If you are jealous of anyone, tell us about it. I am not jealous of anyone.

What is the most serious relationship you’ve had? The relationship I have with my husband.

Should anyone be jealous of you? No

What do you usually do during the work day? Work

Tell us about someone that you really don’t care for. She is rude, condescending, and makes me feel worthless.  So I avoid her as much as possible.

Do you use the phrase “Have a good one” daily?  During the work week mostly.

How old do you wish you’d be turning on your next birthday? Why? I wish I was turning 30.  I don't want to get old and most importantly, I don't want to die.

Do you still like amusement parks? Tell us about your last trip to one. I use to like amusement parks but now I don't want to be around the crowds.  The last time I went to a big amusement park was in July 2004, when I took my kids to Six Flags in St. Louis.  Such fun!

How did you get one of your scars? I have a scar on my left knee, that I received as a small child.  I was playing next to a building that my dad told me not to play near....I fell onto a broken soda bottle and cut my knee open.  Dad rushed me to the ER, where I got stitches.  Dad didn't even have to punish me...the look on his face was enough punishment.

Will you still love me tomorrow? Maybe.