June 22, 2011

W.T.F.- Wednesday, June 22, 2011

1) It seems like a ton of restaurants have started having savory salads that include fruit (strawberries, mandarin oranges, grapes, apples, etc.) along with lettuce or some other leafy veggie. Frankly, I don't think fruit and veggies should mix on my plate, but apparently not everyone agrees with me. What is your take on salads with fruit? 

I like cranberries,  grapes and mandarin oranges in salad.  It makes lettuce less boring.

2) I like to play this little game with myself (and sometimes friends) where I make up stories in my head about someone's secret sexual fetishes based on the way they look and my initial opinion of them. I once made the assumption that a certain female coworker was into dominatrix stuff and my theory just recently got confirmed, much to my disgust. If I were to meet you in person, what kind of fetish do you think I'd assume you'd be into?

Hummm.  Not sure about that one.  You will have to meet me and let me know.

3) A former coworker recently told me that he always wished he had the ability to stop time so he could do it during a company wide meeting and arrange all the bosses into a crazy orgy and when he un-stopped time they'd be caught in compromising positions. What would you do if you could stop time?

I would take a nice long nap.

4) On an episode of "The Big Bang Theory," the character of Sheldon breaks into an arcade and plays in the ball pit for a while, which looks like a ton of fun to me. (Click here if you want to watch the scene.) If you were locked in an arcade for a night and could act like a carefree child, what games would you play or what activities would you do?

I would play SkeeBall and Ms. Pacman!!

5) If someone gave you an insider trading secret, would you risk getting caught and use the information to invest money in a business and rake in the cash?

No, I would not take the risk of getting caught. I like my life the way it is.

6) I came home from work last Friday night to find a massive crime scene at the drug dealer's house across the street. As I was trying to drive into my driveway, I saw two police officers throw a very tall, large man onto the ground, put handcuffs on him, and drag him to a police car. It was like an episode of "COPS" in front of me. Have you ever witnessed someone getting arrested? (Or, have you ever been arrested yourself?)

Yes and Yes

7) Food-eating challenges intrigue me (and apparently fans of the TV shows "Man vs. Food" and "Outrageous Food"). A local hot dog place will give you free hot dogs if you can eat 25 or more in an hour. I so think I could do it. Have you ever taken part in some sort of food eating contest or challenge?

I have never taken part in a food eating contest or challenge and I probably never will.  I am too fat as it is.

8) Flash mobs seem to be happening everywhere all the time. What do you think is the appeal of being in a flash mob? This is a phenomenon I simply do not understand.

Boredom maybe?  Trying to fit in possibly.

9) My younger brother disturbingly nicknamed my breasts "Pedro" and "Sanchez" one day; why they're named after Mexican men I don't know. Have you ever nicknamed a body part, of your own or someone else's?

Yes, I have nicknamed my who-who and hubby's Captain Willy.

10) Since I started my current job, I've met a lot of women who are shoe-obsessed. Apparently there's a difference between wearing shoes and loving shoes. Why do you think some women feel the need to own up to 100 or more pairs of shoes? Why do you think they will pay hundreds of dollars on a single pair?

I think it is crazy to own that many shoes and even crazier to pay more than $50 bucks for a pair of good shoes. I have no one to impress and besides,  95% of the shoes out there look horrible on me, hurt my feet or hurt my back.

11) Would you pose completely naked for a magazine for $10,000?

Hell No!!!  Besides, they dont want to see a very over weight person (me) naked. I dont like seeing me naked!!

12) If I walked into your home at this exact moment, what would I see? Is it neat and clean, is it mostly clean with just a few things out of place, or is it like my house which always looks like a tornado went through?

 My house is very cluttered but clean. I am rather lazy on top of being a horrible housekeeper.  Most things live where ever they land.


  1. LOL. please feel free to partake of a subsitute Queen's meme on my site.

  2. We thought the same thing about peolple seeing us naked!


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