June 21, 2011

Summer Time Via The Queen's Meme (Substitute)

Coopernicus says..."As her royalness is recooperating from her unsuccessful impersonation of Mario Andretti, let me offer the following as an alternate (and certainly by no means equal) meme of substitution while we all light prayer candles. I don’t have a fancy mr. linky thing. improvise.

The Summer Meme

1) What was your most memorable Christmas present (giving or receiving)? Anything I have ever received homemade from my children.

2) What terrifies you more than anything else? Death

3) The zombies are on the march. You hunker down in your panic room, possibly for the duration. You are allowed one book. What is it and why? Gone With The Wind...it is my most favorite book ever and I could read it a million times.  I love the old South and Scarlett!

4) Who would win in a caged boxing match between Santa and The Easter Bunny? The Easter Bunny because he can kick Santa "below the belt" and knock Santa out!

5) The clock strikes midnight. The confetti is falling and guy lombardo (or possibly lady gaga) is playing auld lang syne. You have 30 seconds to kiss anybody, past or present, fact or fiction. Who is it? Either Michael Keaton or Vin Diesel

6) You either have to wash the outside windows of the 86th floor of the empire state building or give a speech in the nude to hundreds of people representing a cross-section of US motorcycle clubs. Which do you choose and why? I would rather wash the windows because I refuse to be nude in public.  I don't want people to laugh at my fat rolls!

7) Batman or Superman. Choose one to clean your oven and explain your choice. Batman...especially if it is Michael Keaton.  He has a nice ass and I can watch him as he bends over to clean the stove.

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  1. Love the Batman answer. Thanx for going along with the meme!


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