June 23, 2011

Thursday's W.T.F. - June 23, 2011

1) ) Have you ever had a major wardrobe malfunction? I ripped my pants in the back while at work on day.  My husband had to bring me a different pair of pants. While I waited for him I tied a sweater around my waist and refused to leave my seat until hubby got there.

2) If you could work undercover and see how people behave in a situation and how they respond to you, what identity would you take? Under Cover Mother!!! 

3) When you replace your toilet paper roll, do you make it where the paper rolls over the top or from the bottom? The paper rolls over the top.

4) Would you rather have a two-hour appointment talking about your deepest thoughts and emotions with a mental health therapist or doing your taxes with an accountant? I would much rather do my taxes...way less painful.

5) Are there any noises that drive you up the wall? Fingernails on a chalkboard, babies crying in a restaurant.

6) If and when you play Monopoly, which figurine do you usually grab?  The do

7) How would you cope if you were not allowed to know all the details about your significant other's job (like if they were in the CIA or in the military)? I can cope with it...been dealing with it for 10 years.

8) What do you think the world would be like if cows produced Red Bull instead of milk? I think that would be horrible.  Milk tastes much better than Red Bull!

9) Do you think a man can wear pink clothing and still appear masculine? Depends on what item he wears.  I think men look great  in pink shirts.

10) If your neighbors kept their Christmas lights up all year and actually lit them up at least once a week, would you be annoyed or would you not even care? I would not care.

11) Have you ever had to report your neighbors for some sort of crime or law violation? I have called the cops on various neighbors throughout the years.  But none since I have moved to Wisconsin!

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