January 5, 2009

Manic Monday #149

Hosted by Fleur De Lisa

Do you have any idiosyncrasies or unusual quirks when it comes to food and/or eating? I like to take apart hamburgers and eat each section individually (patty, cheese, bun, pickles, etc).

Have you ever written love letters? If so, do you still have any of them? I have written many but I don't have any that I have written. I do have many that were written to me.

How easy or difficult is it for you to say you're sorry? It depends on who I am saying it to and why I am saying it. Most of the time it is rather easy for me to say it. There are times when I have to give myself a pep talk in order to tell the other person I am sorry.


  1. Hello Shannon :)
    I also like to pick apart certain foods and eat them each by themselves. I am one heck of a picky eater though!

  2. Good answers! Fab # 3!
    Happy 2009!

  3. RoseAnn...but if you are happy with the way you eat who cares what everyone else thinks!

    Wysperia...thank you and Happy 2009@

  4. That is quirky #1!!!!

    I totally understand on #3!!

    Happy Monday

  5. lol that's pretty funny about the hamburger!

  6. Thanks for visiting Staci and Janet.

  7. I eat my hamburgers intact, but I peel apart wafer cookies and oreos

  8. I do things like that to my hamburgers sometimes, but it's when they don't make it the way they should have (i.e. nothing but cheese). I hate to have to 'operate' on my food... :-(

    Hope you have a great week, and happy 2009!

    My post...

  9. Mary...I do that too! LOL

    Gabriel...Happy 2009


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