January 4, 2009

Sunday Stealing: The New Year Meme

Hosted by Judd Corizan

1. Looking back on 2008, what might your theme song have been? "What Hurts The Most" by Rascal Flatts

2. If 2008 was a movie, who would play you? Roseann Barr

3. What was your greatest gift of 2008? Getting a new job and my grandson being born

4. What is your New Year Resolution, or, what are you committing to this year? I did not make any New Year Resolutions. I am committed to do 110% at my new job and getting moved ASAP.

5. If January could be represented by one song, what would it be? The these song from "The Jeffersons"

6. What do you wish for your body in 2009? Dentures and a hysterectomy

7. Name one new thing you would love to try in the New Year. Para Sailing

8. What do you long for 2009 to bring? Happiness, good (or better) healthy, job security and a good home.

9. If that happened, how would you feel? Over joyed!

10. Where would you love to vacation in 2009 if money were no object? Ireland

11. What would you like the theme of 2009 to be? "Dancing on the Ceiling"

12. If 2009 was a book, and the title was 5 words or less, what might the title be? Big City With Country Soul


  1. Para Sailing would be a blast I am sure :)

  2. I would love to try it at least once!

  3. Roseanne! I can see it! I'm not sure you're quite as irreverent, though. Perhaps, in time...(come on, Shannon, join the dark side! I see you taking baby steps!)

  4. I've always wanted to try para-sailing....one of these days! Have a happy Sunday :)

  5. #6 - Ouch! Been there-done that. Not fun. Now, para sailing sounds like a good time!

  6. Para Sailing??? You live dangerously!LOL
    I'd love to visit Ireland also!
    Happy SS

  7. NoBS...does the dark side have cookies?

    Coffee...would be a great meeting spot for all my blog buddies.

    Nurse..I think it would be a blast!

    Susan...I am so very tired of pain.

    Sweet...lol not too dangerously! I have not followed through yet.

  8. The song's part "Moving on up" is brillant. "The East side"? Not as much. I am not great at geography but I don't think Wisconsin is east of Misery... ;)

  9. Bud, you are right LOL I will be up North!

  10. Great... now my wife is going to add para sailing to the list. Thanks a bunch!

  11. I hear ya on all of this. I'd be in Ireland humming Rascal Flatts tunes if fate cleared the way.

  12. Great answers!! Ireland is a dream vacation for me!!

  13. Sandy and Staci...we should all head to Ireland!


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