January 5, 2009

Monday Music Mambo: Computer Day

Monday Music Mambo
Hosted by RFDuck at "BlogDrive Insanity"

RFDuck says..."Greetings! Here's another Mambo. Today is Get On The Computer Day. But, what day isn't? Name an artist or band that you learned about through the computer/internet (a website, a youtube video, etc.) and tell us why you like them."

My response: Blue October...an online friend told me about the band and then sent me to a web site to listen to a few of Blue October's songs. The first song I heard was "Hate Me" and I loved it...and the band members are hot!


  1. I love Blue October! I won tickets to their concert in Denver, but Poor Hubby didn't get the day off like he promised & I didn't get to go. I was so disappointed.

  2. Awww :( I would have been totally disappointed and so sad.

  3. A band called Texas, which I first heard through Last.fm's neighbor radio service. Then I went out and bought all their CDs.


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