August 10, 2008

Sunday Seven and Saturday Six

Sunday Seven and Saturday Six
Hosted by Patrick's Place

Sunday Seven:

Name the seven unfinished movies from this list “10 movies that were never finished" you would most like to see…when and if they ever are finished.

1. The Other Side of the World
2. The Works
3. Uncle Tom's Fairy Tales

4. The Man Who Killed Don Quixote
5. Dark Blood
6. Kaleidoscope
7. Something’s Got to Give


Saturday Six

1. Do you prefer a hotter climate or a colder climate? Somewhere in between.

2. If you could live anywhere on the planet and money wasn’t an object, which area would you choose? is so beautiful

3. Do you prefer walking, riding a bike, driving or flying when you are going somewhere? Driving.

4. Take the quiz: What planet do you come from? See Results below.

5. What is the biggest change you have made to help the environment? Being more aware of what hurts the environment and taking measures to change it.

6. If scientists discovered signs of life on another planet, would you worry about your safety if that material was brought to Earth for study? No, I would not be worried about my safety.

What Planet Are You From?

this quiz was made by The Autist Formerly Known As Tim

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