August 11, 2008

Monday's A Bitch: Online Babble

Monday's A Bitch: Online Babble
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1. What's your favorite emoticon? My favorite emoticon is the one used in Yahoo Messenger for ROFL.
2. Do you use web speak like lol, brb, etc. often when writing e-mails or instant messaging? I use it all the time in instant messaging and online gaming but not that often in email.
3. Have you ever accidentally used an emoticon or web speak inappropriately? (Ie. In work correspondence, school papers etc.) Not that I remember.
4. What sorts of typing habits annoy you the most? Words that are misspelled, or used incorrectly.
5. Do you ever catch yourself using words or phrases out loud that are usually reserved for instant messaging or e-mails?
Not that I remember.

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