July 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #7: Pogo.com

My Thirteen Favorite Games to Play on Pogo.com:
01. Word Search Daily
02. Mahjong Garden

03. Pogo Addiction Solitaire
04. World Class Solitaire
05. Sweet Tooth 2
06. Poppit
07. Word Whomp
08. Word Whomp Whackdown
09. Jungle Gin

10. Squelchies
11. Alchemy
12. Tri-Peaks Solitaire
13. Penguin Blocks


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  1. Great list. Pretty sure I qualify as addicted to Poppit :)

  2. poppit??... hmmm, I think I need to get out more.
    I'm on my way now - to check it out. How humiliating is that! ;)

    thanks for the heads up...

  3. Lingovise...Pogo has been around a long time but not everyone has heard of it :) Just be warned that it gets addicting!

  4. I like to play computer games too but I go with simple ones. :)
    On That's My Answer...when she asked about the meaning of life, some said 42--what does that mean??

  5. Wow. Where do I live? I don't know anything about these games. I guess I am older that I thought...

  6. Gina...I sent you an email.

    Bud...you are not old :)

  7. Mahjong Garden -- hmmmm?
    I have not been to that site.

    I tried playing Alchemy but I am no good at it.

  8. I love Pogo I am a serious Pogoaholic lol even joined a Tournament group I am hooked on crazy cakes at the monent great list Happy TT

  9. Jean..It is fun!!!!

    Raenwa...I have played in a few Pogo tournaments! They are fun.


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