July 24, 2008

Friday Fun: Online Edition

Friday Fun: Online Edition
Hosted by Kiki

1. What browser do you use and why do you like it? I prefer Firefox, because it does not crash all the time like Internet Explorer. It is easier to us and I like the add-ons, skins and plugins.

2. Some people let it all hang out on their blog, while others keep it light, and still others fall somewhere in between. Where does your blog fall in that? I keep mine rather light when it comes to personal stuff.

3. A lot of people have themed blog like a deployment blog or a crafty blog or one just for memes (like Friday Fun!). What about yours? Do you maintain more than one blog?
I maintain a few blogs and this one seems to be my fun meme spot. I also have one for Moody Mondays, personal stuff and Life in Missouri.

4. I like to play online games, like the ones found at Yahoo Games. Do you play any like that? Share some links!!
I love playing online games: Pogo.com, Shockwave.com, and World of Warcraft to name a few.

5. There are forums to chat on about just about everything under the sun. Do you belong to any and what are your favorites? Links, please!
I belong to a lot of Pixel groups through Yahoo, MSN, and Google Groups. I have way to many to list.

6. Shopping time! What are your 5 favorite sites to shop at and what would you recommend I check out?
I like WalMart.com, Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com, Staples and Ebay! If you love books then I suggest Barnes & Noble!

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