July 24, 2008

3x Thursday: Favorites and Memories

3x Thursday: Favorites and Memories
Hosted by The Hair Metal Queen

1. What are your favorite kinds of plant life (plants, flowers, etc)? Why? Flowers, especially roses and lilacs re my favorite type of plant life. They are beautiful to look at and smell good. Flowers have an delicate, yet overwhelming beauty to them.

2. Do you associate any memories with certain things (flowers, objects, etc)? Any you'd care to share? I have my grandpa's watch that I like to take out of my jewelry box now and then to look at and remember the good old days. I also have my mother's jewelry box and my dad's watch.

3. By what method do you keep track of your memories (blogs, scrapbooks, etc)? If you don't do anything to preserve your memories, how do you keep track of them? Does it matter to you? Of course it matters to me! I keep track of my memories through stories, pictures, photo albums, journals and blogs. I need to update a few things so that my kids can read them as they get older.

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