May 9, 2008

Friday Fun: The Mom Edition

1. What is the most important thing you mom taught you about life? She taught me the concept of "a watched pot never boils" applies to many things in life...not just boiling pots of water :)

2. TV moms, who is your favorite? Roseanne Conner of Roseanne, Claire Huxtable of The Cosby Show, Miriam Cunningham of Happy Days? Another? My favorite TV mom is Thelma Harper (aka Vicki Lawrence) in Mama's Family.

3. What is the best thing about being a mom? The worst? The best thing about being a mom is the unconditional love between a mother and child. There is a strong bond between the two that cannot be broken. The worse thing about being a mom is seeing your child make bad choices and taking the wrong path in life.

4. What are you doing on Mother’s Day? The day before we are going out to dinner with my boyfriend's parents. It should be a fun evening. Then on the actually holiday I plan on doing absolutely nothing all day! I am going to be even more lazier than usual! :P

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