May 10, 2008

Saturday Special: Fill In The Blanks

The Saturday Special: Creative Adventure XIII ~Fill in the blanks~
Hosted by Toni -

1. Walking along a wooded side road, I see the cabin ahead. I approach the cabin and on the rocking chair by the door I spot a key that looks like it fits the door lock. I unlock and open the door slowly and wander inside. There is warm fire crackling in the fireplace. The table has been set for one with fine china.

2. In the cabin by a window there is a window seat chest. Walking over to the chest, I slowly open it and find that it is full of gorgeous quilts and sterling silver.

3. I suddenly hear a noise coming from the outside, and quickly close the chest and as the person enters the cabin, he says, "Beautiful lady, what brings you to my cabin on such a cold and windy day."

4. Laughing I leave the cabin along with the kind gentleman and one of the quilts thinking to myself that there are still "Prince Charming's" in the world.

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