May 8, 2008

3x Thursday: Upcoming Plans

3x Thursday: Upcoming Plans
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1. What plans do you have for the upcoming weekend? The restaurants will be too busy on Sunday, so on Saturday we are taking my boyfriend's mother out to dinner for Mother's Day. I am not sure where we will go yet.

2. Do you have any major plans for the summer? I plan on moving into a new house. I want my son to be in a better school next year, which means we have to move. Otherwise, I have nothing planned this summer.

3. If money was no object, is there would something you'd like to do/somewhere you'd like to go/etc? If so, what is it? If not, are you happy with the way things are?

If money was not an object I would like to take a small trip to the Smokey Mountains! I have not been here in many years and would love to see it again. It is such a beautiful place and would help me to relax.

I am not happy with the way things are...everything is getting to be too expensive.

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