May 8, 2008

Booking Through Thursday: Manual Labor

Writing guides, grammar books, punctuation how-to's . . . do you read them? Not read them? How many writing books, grammar books, dictionaries–if any–do you have in your library?

I work as a Business Manager and it is important to be able to communicate properly with the world. So, I like to read writing guides and punctuation how-to books now and then just to make sure I am still doing things the right way. I have a dictionary at home and one at work. I also like to use the online and I like to look up other "must know" manual's online.


  1. I wear out lol!

    Have a great day!

  2. I'm with you all the way. It never hurts to write properly!

  3. is just to easy to use and easy to access :)


    Thank you both for commenting.


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