December 8, 2019

Sunday Stealing: Pinterest
This week's Sunday Stealing questions were stolen from Pinterest.

1. What don’t you share? I don't share most of my feelings and emotions. 

2. A reason to celebrate? Nothing I can think of.

3. Describe where you are now. Physically I am at home, sitting at my desk, in my computer room. Mentally I am in the past, thinking of my children and family.

4. A dream that seems impossible. Visiting Ireland

5. Something you hope for. My daughter to be happy and healthy.

6. A tradition that makes you feel at home. None that I can think of.

7. The people who make your life better. My brother, both sister-in-laws, Rose, Johnny, Nancy Joe, and many co-workers.

8. Someone you’d like to meet. No one I can think of 

9. A silly thing you’d really like. Eating a big bowl of cereal while watching cartoons.

10. A book from your childhood. Where The Wild Things Are

11. Something you’re still not sure about. Life

12. The best dessert to share with friends. Homemade cookies

13. A story that captures your imagination. None that I can think of right now.

14. Memories beside a fireplace. Snuggling with my dogs in front of the fireplace, while reading a good book and snacking on junk food.

15. How do you spend a rainy day? I prefer to sleep but usually play video games if I am home.


  1. I would love to get back to Ireland, it was truly magical.

  2. I'd also like to visit Ireland, but doesn't look like it will ever happen. I like your idea beside a fireplace.

  3. I hope you get to visit Ireland. I have been fortunate to go there three times and love it. Such a beautiful place.


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