March 11, 2019

Sunday Stealing: Popular Queen Songs
Bohemian Rhapsody - What matters to you more than anything in the world? My loved ones.

Don’t Stop Me Now - What makes you feel unstoppable? Not much.

Another One Bites The Dust - What one thing would you wipe off the face of the earth? Cancer!

Under Pressure - How stressed are you currently? Very stressed

We Will Rock You - What was the last concert you went to? Caroline's Spine

Somebody To Love - Are you looking for somebody to love? No

We Are The Champions - What achievement are you most proud of? Having two beautiful children

Radio GaGa - What do you think of today’s popular music? I like it for the most part.

I Want To Break Free - If you could move to any part of the world, where would you want to live?  Ireland

Love Of My Life - Have you ever had your heart broken? Many time.

Killer Queen - What is your favorite thing about yourself? The ability to be kind to everyone, even the assholes.

The Show Must Go On - What is something you will never give up? My values and morals.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Name some of your favorite musicians. Disturbed, Aerosmith, Linkin Park, Guns N Roses, and a few others.

Who Wants To Live Forever - If you could be immortal, would you? Hell yes!

Fat Bottomed Girls - What are some traits you look for in a partner? Trustworthiness, honesty, faithfulness.

I Want It All - If you could have anything in the world, what would it be? Happiness

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