March 25, 2019

Mama Misses You Son

I missed Colt yesterday. I miss Colt today, and I will miss Colt tomorrow. At various times during the day missing him hits me like a ton of bricks and life becomes very overwhelming. I am really not sure how I have made it this far since his death. I have been waking around in a fog, in “robot” mode since he died.  My life is BCD (before Colt died) and ACD (after Colt died). This pain will never go away...and I don't want it to. Why? Because I want Colt to always be remembered.
Mama misses you son and loves you forever and always.


  1. Charlee: "Colt sure was a handsome young man."
    Chaplin: "We send you lots of purrs yesterday, today, and tomorrow."


Thank you for your comment! I appreciate you!