June 17, 2018

Sunday Stealing: Runway

1. Five ways to win your heart: Be kind. Be good to animals.  Don't be an asshole. Don't lie and be faithful.

2. Something you feel strongly about: Putting animal abusers in jail.

3. A book you love: Gone With The Wind

4. Five pet peeves: People talking with food in their mouth; small talk; stupidity; people that abuse children or animals; and people that cannot make a decision and then stick with that decision.

5. What you ate today: A banana, chocolate covered almonds, toasted marshmallow flavored Jelly Belly's, a steak, garden salad, cheese and tomatoes.

6. How important do you think education is? Extremely important.

7. Five people you find attractive: My husband, Matthew McConaughey, Mark Harmon, Sam Elliot and Sean Connery

8. What you wore today: Light gray pants with a lilac shirt, black socks, black sketchers, a bra and underwear.

9. Something you always think “what if” about: Colt is my son...he passed away on March 10, 2016.  I often wonder, "What if Colt was still alive?" 

10. Something you’re proud of: My children.

11. Five items you lust after: Happiness, 

12. Five words/phrases that make you laugh: "Whatever floats your boat."; "See you later alligator."; "After while, crocodile."; "Twatwaffle"; and "Twatapottamus".

13. A quote you try to live by: Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them.

14. Something you like and dislike about yourself.: I dislike how fat I am and I like that I am kind, even to those that are assholes.

15. A problem that you have had: Falling asleep, and staying asleep for more than an hour or two.


  1. So sorry about your son.
    And I see we have similar diets.

  2. I enjoyed your answers. I agree with many of them, but what I liked is that I feel like I got to know more about you today.

  3. Oh my goodness ... I am right there with you on the Falling asleep, and staying asleep for more than an hour or two, and the older I get, the worse it becomes.

  4. The Dalai Lama. Amen to that dear friend.
    And a big YES to education. Simple answers are always best. I need to learn it.


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