January 20, 2018

No Time For Detective Work! It's Bedtime.

Shelby has no idea why there is a piece of yellow plastic on the floor in front of her. 
She does not have time to play detective and figure out where it came from.  
So, she would like me to pick it up for her.
Photos (c)2018 Shannon G. Wamsley
"Mama, what is this doing in my floor?!"
Photos (c)2018 Shannon G. Wamsley
"Human, please pick this up and throw it away!"
I picked up the piece of plastic and threw it away so that it no longer blocked Shelby's path.
Shelby then decided it was time to go "night night" potty, then bedtime.
And that is what we did!
Photos (c)2018 Shannon G. Wamsley
Shelby is ready for potty time then bed time!
Photos (c)2018 Shannon G. Wamsley
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  1. Hello, Cute shots of Shelby. She looks like she wants to play ball. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!


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