March 6, 2017

Opal Says You are Dreamy

**My birthstone is an opal.**
Opal Says You Are Dreamy: You have an innocent heart, and you truly believe in good in this world. You are an optimist.

You are a big daydreamer, and you think optimistically. There's no reason your dreams can't come true. Opals are thought to bring friendship and genuineness. You are a friend to many, and you get along well with others.

There isn't a mean bone in your body, and people are attracted to the true you. You have a lot to give. You go best with another opal. Surprised? You're so unique and multifaceted that only someone of your type will truly get you.

You clash with sapphire. While sapphires may impress you from afar, you find hanging out with them to be too constricting.

What Does Your Birthstone Say About You?

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