January 9, 2017

Society is Squishy

To me....most of society just seems squishy. (Yes I am using a gamer term....as in a healer trying to keep a squishy tank alive during a boss fight.)

But I digress...because I do feel that most of society is squishy. And that frustrates me! I constantly find myself saying "build a bridge and get over it", because some people tend to get butthurt about the simplest things.

Life is not all about getting a trophy for participating. Life is not about drama, whining, fighting, throwing fits or trying to one-up someone else.

Life is about enjoying your children, spouses, family, friends, pets and etc. Life is about slowing down and actually paying attention to the beauty around you. Life is being happy and finding peace within yourself so that the world around seems like a good place to be.

So, slow down and enjoy life while you can because in the end....no one gets out of here alive.

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