May 19, 2014

More Signs of Spring

 photo 82159B48-EC9B-430F-A321-24354E9EB937_zpsinyilyv8.jpg

Yesterday, I planted a few flowers and added a few decorations to my yard. 
 It was such a beautiful day!
 photo BD730B79-3D6B-468D-A4A1-865D8E4ABC49_zpsgodccdvn.jpg
 photo C33D7D09-AA39-423E-92BF-D4522FD7AC82_zpstdiglixv.jpg
 photo 62A33EE6-C333-4CF4-8180-8030B71D5994_zpsdddclgkw.jpg
 photo 61C85709-64D9-4EE0-89D0-EFDE23203AF5_zpso7w2zvyb.jpg
 photo 2BB2012F-3849-465A-A70B-934D62789D77_zps6gyhtzn2.jpg
 photo C1A55AD8-6BFA-4E38-AFE8-1D2A79DBE9AA_zpsr0axibjx.jpg
 photo 4E9D7AA3-D19B-4B1C-8114-66D150644608_zpsnvoipk0r.jpg

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  1. Very nice Shay!! I hope I have a yard in Hawaii that I can do stuff to during the different holidays and such.


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