April 2, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things: Boxers and Black Labs

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Today's Blogging A to Z Challenge, with my theme of "A Few of My Favorite Things",  is all about the letter "B".

Two of my favorite dog breeds are Boxers and Black Labs.  The photo below is one of my boxer mix, Shelby and black lab mix, Annabelle.  This photo was taken in 2005.

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Annabelle (Bella) was born November 22, 2000 and passed away on August 02, 2012.  I miss her very much.  Bella was a black lab, cocker spaniel mix.  She loved "babies" (dog toys) and had a full basket of them to play with.  Most days she walked around with a "baby" in her mouth.  Bella was pretty good about sharing her toys with Shelby.

Shelby was born on November 20, 2004 and is a boxer, catahoula hound mix.  Shelby likes to bray like a typical hound dog but has characteristics of a boxer.  One of her most favorite toys is a Kong squeaky tennis ball.

Both dogs were/are spoiled rotten and I would not have it any other way.


  1. Awww, what a beautiful picture of them together!!!

  2. Beautiful animals. I didn't know black labs and cocker spaniels could mix. Learned something new today :)
    Rhonda @Laugh-Quotes.com
    AtoZ #42

  3. I like your "favorite things" theme. Wish I'd thought of that, maybe I'll "borrow" it next year! Enjoy the A to Z!!

  4. Following from the A to Z Challenge.

    Lovely picture. We have 7 right now, Chow-Lab mixes. Makes for a crowded noisy place sometimes, but we wouldn't have it any other way!

  5. They are beautiful dogs and they deserve to be spoiled. We don't have dogs or cats as we have a home full of asthmatics and allergics - streaming eyes, wheezes us around pets is not a pretty sight. ;)

  6. Dogs are my favorite people. Ha! Love your photo of your pals.

  7. My parents adopted a Black & Tan Coonhound 13 years ago, and we'd never had a hound before. Her "bark" always makes us laugh, but our neighbors look at us funny because she sounds like we're hurting her.

    A-Z Challenge.

  8. RIP Bella - I know how sad it is to lose beloved pets. Cute pic :)

  9. Great picture - hope Shelby is doing well without Annabelle.


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