February 7, 2013

The Fairy Tale Meme

I found this fun little question & answer meme over at "Janbalaya".  Come play along!

Snow White: Do you consider yourself pretty? Name the part of your body you think is the most beautiful! No, I do not consider myself pretty...not even a little cute.  My eyes are the most beautiful part of my body.

Cinderella: What is your shoe size? 12

Sleeping Beauty: How many hours do you sleep each night?  If I have to work the next day I get about 5 or six hours of sleep.  If I don't have to work the next day, I stay up a late as I can then sleep most of the next day.

Little Red Riding Hood: What is your favorite food?  Chocolate

The Frog Prince: What do you find disgusting? People that hurt children and animals.

Jack and the Beanstalk: What plants are in your room?  I do not have any plants in my room. I only have one plant in my entire house and it is barely alive.

Puss in Boots: Do you have a pet? Do you want one?  I have one dog and I would like another dog.

Rumpelstiltskin: What is the meaning of your url? Introspection: observation or examination of one's own mental and emotional state,mental processes, etc.; the act of looking within oneself.

The Little Mermaid: Can you sing? No.

Pinocchio: What is your greatest wish?  My greatest wish is to be totally debt free.

Peter Pan: What is your (mental) age? 60 or so

The Star Money: What is your most prized possession? My mother's old jewelry box.

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