January 26, 2013

Saturday 9: Stormy Weather


1) Do noisy storms scare you? Yes.  Good thing I have a basement to hide in.

2) Mother Winters tells us Lena Horne was considered one of the great beauties of the 1940s. Whom do you consider one of today's most beautiful women? Drew Barrymore

3) Crazy Sam admits it -- there's a big bag of recycling she really should take out to the bin. Yet she's composing this meme. What should you be doing, instead of answering her questions? Preparing lunch.

 photo shannon_wiseone_zps888c8fd2.jpg4) Sam may be crazy, but she's not stupid and will never waste her money on Cialis, no matter how many unsolicited emails she receives! What's the most recent addition to your spam folder? An email from Adam & Eve, wanting me to buy sex toys.

5) What was the last thing you cooked? Chicken burritos

6) Do you remember the lyrics to your either your high school or college fight song? I don't remember either of them.

7) "Samantha" is the feminine of "Samuel" and means "Listener." What's the derivation of your first name? Shannon is a unisex Irish name that has a few different meanings.  Such as "little, old, wise one" and "wise river".

8) Are you following the NBA or NHL this year? If so, which team are you rooting for? I don't follow the NBA but I follow the NHL when I remember it.   I cheer on the St. Louis Blues and Detroit Redwings.

9) Gloves, umbrellas, sunglasses, keys -- which of these do you misplace most often? Sunglasses

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  1. I bought myself a lovely pair of sunglasses for myself for Christmas and have been afraid to wear them because I'm afraid I'll lose them.


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