March 13, 2012

Tuesday Topics: Favorite Flavors

Welcome to this week's Tuesday Topics!  This week is all about flavors.

Tell us your favorite flavors of the following:

Ice Cream: Cherry Garcia and Black Walnut

Coffee: Dunkin Donuts

Cake: Mississippi Mud Cake

Icing: Homemade wedding cake icing

Gum: Juicy Fruit and Double Bubble

Hard Candy: Butterscotch and Root Beer Barrels

Drink: Diet Pepsi

Spice: Cinnamon

Cuisine: Southern or Mexican

Candle: Clean Cotton and Lilac Blossoms by Yankee Candles

Air Freshener: Febreze                                                                     

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  1. Never heard of black walnut ice cream, although it does sound tasty!!


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