January 19, 2012

This Or That: Disneyland Has Snakes?

Dream vacation: Disneyland or Tour of Europe? I would like to go to Disneyland and see Goofy, Mickey and the gang. I don't think one is ever too old to go to Disneyland!

Source: google.com via Sarah on Pinterest

Rootbeer float or Strawberry Banana smoothie?  Mmmm both are very yummy but give me a good old fashioned Root Beer Float any time.

Chick Fil A or In and Out Burger? Neither are near me, here in Wisconsin but given a choice I will go to "In and Out Burger".

Movie: Mr and Mrs Smith or The Italian Job? I prefer "The Italian Job".

Source: imdb.com via Amy on Pinterest

Pet: Snake or Lizard?  I would choose a lizard.  Snakes give me the creeps.


  1. Have you gone to Disney before? We are planning on going to Tokyo Disney for Christmas this year!!

  2. Great choices! Thanks for linking up. I picked all the same ones as you. :)


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