July 3, 2009

All About Me

Found this on Facebook and just had to share!!!!

Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 6'0"
Profession: Contract Specialist
Relationship Status: Happy in a relationshiop
Religious Views: Baptist
What's Your Sign?: Libra
Any Siblings?: One brother, Brian (younger than me)
Shoe size: 12 in womens
Where were you born?: Farmington, MO
Innie or Outie: Outie
Righty or Lefty?: Righty
Any pets?: Two dogs, Annabelle and Shelby
What month were you born in?: October
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Car: Mustang
Favorite Movie: Gone With The Wind
Favorite Hobby: Reading
Favorite Song/Singer: Steven Tyler
Favorite Book/Author: Stephen King
Favorite School Subject: Math
Favorite Vacation Destination: Ireland
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Favorite Restaurant: Taco Bell
Favorite Animal: Dog or White Tiger
Favorite Store: JC Penny
Favorite Celebrity : Vin Diesel
Favorite Childhood Friend: Nancy Joe and Johnny
Favorite Childhood Memory: Fish Fry's at my grandparents house
Favorite Baby Name: Vickie and Colt
Favorite Person In Your Life: Steve, Colt, Nancy Joe, Johnny, RoseAnn, Erin, Shawn, and more!
Favorite Facebook Application : YoVille
Favorite Possession: Computer
Mall Store: JC Penny
Favorite Fast Food Restaurant: Taco Bell
Comedian: Jeff Dunham
Sandlot or Little Rascals: Little Rascals
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite Number: 5
Favorite Hard Candy: Lifesavers
Favorite Month: October
Favorite Flower: Rose
Favorite Ice Cream: Cherry Garcia
Favorite Smell: Fresh Cut Grass
Favorite Drink: Diet Pepsi
Favorite Cartoon Character: Smurfs
Favorite kind of pants: Comfortable slip on pants
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Big Mac or Whopper: Whopper
Coke or Pepsi : Pepsi
Beer or Wine: Beer
Coffee or Tea: Tea
Apple Juice or O.J.: OJ
Facebook or MySpace: Facebook
Summer or Winter: Summer
Windows or Mac: Windows
Cats or Dogs: Dogs
Boxers or Briefs: Boxers
Rain or Shine : Shine
Chips or Popcorn: Chips
Salty or Sweet: Sweet
Plane or Boat: Boat
Morning or Night: Night
Movie or Play: Movie
Walk or Drive: Drive
Money or Love: Love
Breakfast or Dinner: Dinner
Forgiveness or Revenge: Forgiveness
Paint or Wallpaper: Paint
House or Apartment: House
Truth or Dare: Truth
Contacts or Glasses: Contacts
Root beer or Dr. Pepper: Root Beer
Mud or Jell-O wrestling: Mud Wrestling
Skiing or Boarding: Boarding
Silver or Gold: Silver
Diamond or pearl: Pearl
Sunset or Sunrise: Sunset
Phone or in person: Phone
Oldest, middle, youngest or only child: Oldest
Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor

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