February 8, 2009

Randomness: Valentine's Day

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2/8 Be My Valentine
In honor of Valentine's Day answer the following....

1. If you could have any Celebrity Valentine, who would it be? Vin Diesel

2. What is your idea of a romantic date? Dinner and a movie

3. Do you prefer chocolates or flowers on Valentine's Day? Chocolates

4. What is your favorite romantic movie? romantic book? "Gone With The Wind'

5. Do you like those 'conversation hearts' or do you think they taste gross? They are yummy

6. Who is your Valentine this year? The Man, Steve

Extra word association:
I say...you think...
1. Valentine: red
2. Cute: cuddly
3. Romantic: Kinky
4. Red: Balloons
5. Flowers: Roses
6. Candy: Chocolate
7. Cupid: Arrow


  1. I love the candy hearts that say things on them :)

  2. I played too.

    Cuddly, that was the word I was looking for.

    Have a nice week, Shannon.


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