December 30, 2008

Tuesday Tunes: Week 63

Tuesday Tunes
Hosted by The Meme Mistress at "The Music Memoirs"

The Meme Mistress states..."New Year, New Music:"

What artists have albums you are looking forward to in the coming year? None really, I am not into music as much as I use to be. I never have time to listen to much music.

Do you have plans to see any concerts in 2009? I don't have any plans to see any concerts in 2009. I will be living in a new state soon and I am not sure what will be available.

What artist do you hope fades into oblivion in 2009? Britney Spears


  1. Oh I am with you on the Britney Spears :)

  2. I think Michelle Branch and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have CDs coming out this year, so I'm kinda looking forward to those.

  3. Social...Ms. Spears is a nuisance!

    Dennis...I don't listen to Michelle Branch much but I do like a few of her songs.


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