December 30, 2008

Ten on Tuesday: Best of 2008

10 Best Moments of the Year
Hosted by Yano

01. My grandson, Jeremiah was born.
02. I got a new job.
03. Learning how to express my feelings.
04. Seeing my daughter before she went to Virginia
05. Spending more time with my brother, his wife and kids.
06. Being able to cope with a very difficult time in my relationship with Steve
07. Visiting Wisconsin
08. The Presidential election.
09. The Olympics.
10. Getting through another Joint CRBN Conference


  1. Hi!
    Great list of 10! Thanks for sharing. Have a great New Year!


  2. Family is great! I am glad you have got to spend more time with your brother & his family. It was a bit rough but we both found 10 things :)

  3. Splummer..thank you and Happy New Year. was very rough! Family ROCKS!

  4. Hey I didn't know you were a grandma?
    Too cool. Great bests of 2008 Shannon.

  5. Looks like you had a memorable year :) Congrats on the grandbaby and the new job!


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