November 18, 2008

TMI Tuesday #161

TMI Tuesday is Hosted by Professor Fate

1. When did you last use your cellular telephone as a flashlight? Last night on the way home from the Emergency Room (Yes I am fine, I took The Man to the ER).

2. On a scale from 1-10, how comfy are you being naked? 2! I don't like the way I look naked or in clothes but I would prefer to keep on my clothes LOL

3. What is the longest you've ever been celibate after having lost your virginity?
A few years.

4. Have you ever had sex in a car? If yes, since you were a teenager?
Yes and yes! If my current car was big enough The Man and I could do naughty things in it!

5. When did you last use food or drink as medication?
I don't drink...unless you count Soda. I drink soda everyday to keep from getting a headache.

Bonus: Name three words that:
a) get you excited - Sex, free and home
b) make you squirm - Spider, snake and anal.
c) make you laugh - Splorf, Fucktard and Booyah!


  1. Can't say I ever heard those words that make you laugh before...but they're pretty funny.

  2. I can so relate with #2.
    Hope The Man is okay.

  3. Marty...the second one is my new favorite word.

    Gina...he has a lot of health issues :(

  4. YYeesssssssssssssss! fucktard strikes again...

  5. Oh my, what fun. I will need to visit Prof. Fate. TMI Tues. That beats the "tues. aft. tunes" I used to do.

    Did you invent the words that make you laugh or have you actually heard them?

  6. is my new favorite word!

    Gel...I have actually heard them and seen them in writing. I did not make them up.


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