November 18, 2008

Heads or Tails: Autumn Memories

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Today's Topic is: TAILS - Share an Autumn memory
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My most favorite thing about Autumn is a big pile of leaves! As a kid it was always fun to jump into a big pile of leaves...even if it did make the person raking them mad! It was usually my dad or grandpa that raked the leaves and my brother, three of our cousins and I would scatter the leaves all over the place. What a blast!


  1. It seems you're not alone with this memory.

    I used to rake leaves and TELL my kids they could play in them. :)

    You're one of those special friends, too, you know.

  2. You are very kind Skittles :) Thanks for helping me to smile today!!!

  3. That was fun!! I did the same thing.

  4. I'm in my sixties, and jumping in a pile of leaves is still tons of fun. The best thing about it is, I don't have to rake them. That's what grandkids are for ;-).

  5. Gina...thanks for visiting. grandson is too young to rake the leaves BUT my son is 16 and can do it.

  6. Jumping in a pile of leaves always seemed to be more fun in the movies than it was in real life. LOL! I'm thankful I don't have any leaves to rake in my yard, but I'd sure love some trees to provide shade during the summer.

  7. Hi! Waves ~~~~~ I flew on over here from Mimi's blog, figuring her readers would be interesting. Oh, yes, I still love jumping in leaves, taking long walks on them, feeling them crunch under my feet, and I adore painting them or photographing them (as you'll see on my blog if you come for a visit and scroll down under the current post to "Wanderlust" from autumn wanderings...

    Cute emoticon and nice blogset up. I'm going to look around here. The combo of introspection and humor is the only way to live, IMHO. Oh the paws are adorable! (I'm a doggie person- even paint pet portraits- am an artist.)

  8. Tammy...thanks :)

    Indigo...all the leaves in my yard blow down the hill into the forest LOL.

    Gel... *wave* Hello and thanks for stopping by.


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