December 1, 2008

Matter of Fact Monday: Angels

Matter of Fact Monday
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The Angels were an American girl group, best-known for their 1963 number 1 hit, "My Boyfriend's Back".

The Angels are a hard rock band that formed in Adelaide, Australia in 1970. The band later relocated from Adelaide to Sydney and enjoyed huge local success until well into the 1990s. For the purposes of international release, their records were released under the names Angel City and later The Angels From Angel City. From 2001 to 2007, the band's former members have toured and recorded under various names including Members of the Angels and The Original Angels Band. In 2006, The Angels were featured on a postage stamp for Australia Post as part of their "Australian Rock Posters, The Stamps" collection.

An angel is a spiritual supernatural being found in many religions. Although the nature of angels and the tasks given to them vary from tradition to tradition, in Christianity, Judaism and Islam, they often act as messengers from God. Other roles in religious traditions include acting as warrior or guard; the concept of a "guardian angel" is popular in modern Western culture.

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