November 30, 2008

I Could Not Have Picked A Worse Day!

Black Friday! The worse day of the year to leave the house! Every where you go on Black Friday there are lines...lines to get snacks at the gas station, lines to get a meal at a fast food restaurant, lines at the "fancy" restaurants, lines in the stores, etc.

This year on Black Friday, my son and I ventured out into the world to go to Wal Mart. Thanksgiving left overs only last so long, so we needed groceries. The parking lot at Wal Mart was packed. We had to park on the side of the store, which was ok because there is less traffic there. But inside the store was mobs of people and it was lunch time!!! I thought everyone would have been done shopping by then. It tooks us an hour to get a few food items, get checked out and back to our car. On a normal day it would have taken 15 or 20 minutes at the most.

Crowds upset me so I was very thankful to be back in the car again and even more thankful when I got back home. Next year I REFUSE to go shopping on Black Friday!

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