November 13, 2008

Ann's Link Love In

I got tagged for a linky love in from "Hooked On Memes"! Thank you!
I've tagged 5 more bloggers below.

EDIT: I had to change one since the blog was already listed :)

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Welcome to Ann's Link Love In sponsored by the SuburbanGypsy.
Since this will be Ann's very first meme, let's get her going and good! Alright?

I have selected 5 bloggers (not including myself and our friend Ann) to tag and bestow a bit of linky love. I hope that you will similarly publish this post in your blog and pass that love forward. A bit of Free Love if you will.

Simply tag 5 other bloggers and just keep adding on to the list. (Do not edit, replace, or delete. Just keep on adding! With any luck, this will be one heck of a groovy list.)

It’s just that easy! What is in it for you? A little bit of fun, the joy of annoying your blogging buddies - AGAIN, new friends, potentially an increase in your blog traffic, Google Page Rank, and in your Technorati *wink*

Add your blog url...

Ann's Rants | Suburban Gypsy | Life in the Lost World | What Women REALLY Think | Journeywoman | YummY! Down On This | Hooked On Memes | Shannon's Moments of Introspection | Small Reflections | Skittles' Place | Fatty Kathy's Weight Loss Journey | Beautiful Orchids | Gina's Public Diary | 3 Sides of Crazy | Mom Knows Everything | Penny Lane | Multifaceted Mama

You are next...

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