November 13, 2008

3x Thursday: Parents

3x Thursday: 11/13/y2k+8: Parents
Hosted by The Hair Metal Queen

1. Are your parents still alive? If so, do you get along with them?
2. Do your parents live close? Why/why not?
3. Name one thing valuable that your parents taught you. Why did you choose this?

My mother died April 3, 1991 in a car accident and my father died April 19, 1992 from cancer. All these years later I still miss them. We had our ups and downs but towards the end we all seem to get along just fine. Before Mom passed away I lived 20 miles away from her. After she died, Dad got really sick so I moved back home.

My parents taught me many lessons growing up but I think the most valuable lesson was learned after they passed away. I had to learn how to be totally responsible for everything and to take care of my family.

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  1. I know how you feel. My mom died in '95, dad in '01. I still miss them like it was yesterday.


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