October 15, 2008

Wednesday Weirdness: October 15, 2008

Wednesday Weirdness #25
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1. If you could only eat one fruit for an entire year and that fruit would magically be in season and ripe that full year, which fruit would you choose and why? I would love to have fresh strawberries all year long. I love strawberries, strawberry shortcake, and strawberries dipped in chocolate. YUM!

2. What is something that makes you sad? My daughter and grandson being in Virginia and me being in Missouri.

3. What would you do if you came home from an extended vacation and found that someone else was living in your house? It would depend on who it is. If it was my children, my brother or my in-laws then it would not be a problem If it was anyone else I would kick their ass out of the house after punching them in the face a few times :)

4. What US President, alive or otherwise, would you like to have dinner with? Jimmy Carter!

5. What is your opinion on multitasking while driving? (Reading a book or work documents, changing clothes, fixing hair, applying make up, shaving your face, et cetera) It can be dangerous but everyone does it...even me. When you are driving you need to stay focused on the task at hand and try not to multitask.

6. Do you ever multitask while driving? If so, how often would you say you are guilty of it? Yes, I multitask while driving...everyday. I use the cell phone without a headset, while driving and I eat/drink soda while driving.

7. Do you tend to be early, on time, fashionably late or LATE to work and work related events? Do you tend to be more or less punctual for non-work related events? I tend to be on time for work and work related events but I also like to early for the big events. If it something personal I tend to be less punctual and more relaxed. Unless I have an appointment for something (doctor, etc) then I arrive 10 minutes or so early.

8. What is a quirk your significant other has that you would define as "cute"? If you have no SO, what is a quirk you find cute in a potential SO? I think it is cute when he calls me a nickname, like Ladybug. It makes me feel special. I also think it is cute when he gives our dogs hugs and kisses, especially when he thinks I am not looking.


  1. 1. Yum at Strawberries but for me it would be pineapple.
    2. Hatred and intolerance and not seeing my Mum often enough - just like you it's the distance.
    3. I'd call 999 and then check out their contents of the fridge.
    4. JFK - to see if he really was that 'magnetic'.
    5. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! It's wrong, don't do it.
    6. Sometimes - how bad am I. I answer the phone.
    7. Early - I get nervous if I'm late.
    8. His singing - it's really BAD but cute because it cracks me up.

    Visiting from the social Wednesday over at 'that's my answer!'

  2. I don't really like strawberries...yeah I'm weird!

  3. I'd watch the multitasking-while-driving thing. More and more jurisdictions are passing no-distraction laws for drivers. My neck of the woods just went there.

    Scary, but necessary. A distracted driver once plowed into my while I was riding my bike. It's a huge killer.

    (And I LOVE strawberries!)

  4. 1. I'd eat raspberries all year. :)
    2. The economy currently.
    3. Could that person be a maid or a butler? That wouldn't be too bad.
    4. I'm not sure.
    5. I like multitasking, but not while driving.
    6. Ah, do I have to answer?
    7. I'm on time.
    8. Hmm. His cooking.

  5. Le Laquet...Pineapple is good too!

    Tammy...I don't think you are weird! Everyone has different tastes.

    Carmi...I agree. It is very dangerous.

    Brenda...I want a butler!!! Hehe or a pool boy!

  6. Isn't it funny what people do when they think we are not looking?


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