October 16, 2008

3x Thursday: Computers

3x Thursday: 10/16/y2k+8: Puter Stuphs
Hosted by The Hair Metal Queen

1. What kind of puter do you have? PC or Mac? Do you have a preference of type? Why/why not?
I have a desktop PC and a laptop PC...I don't use the laptop much. I prefer the PC but there are some things that a MAC can do better. I prefer the PC because I am use to it and I am comfortable using it and repairing it.

2. For what purposes (surfing, gaming, writing, etc) do you use your computer?
I use my computer to play games such as World of Warcraft, other games such as those found at Pogo.com. I also use the computer to surf the Internet, Blog, Shop, Email, Instant Message, maintain a web site and do work related things.

3. Would you consider yourself to be 'computer savy'? Why/why not?

I think I am but who knows. I can work on mine if needed and I can help others with their computer. There are a few things that are over my head but then I do research to figure it out or ask for help.


  1. October 12 -- ME!
    October 13 -- YOU!

    Guess what? I just tagged you with the Cartoon Meme!

  2. Skittles...The best two days of October!


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