September 9, 2008

TMI Tuesday: September 9, 2008

TMI Tuesday #151
Hosted by Professor Fate

1. Describe the perfect date for YOURSELF... what you would enjoy most. I would most enjoy a nice dinner, a good movie then home for some hot, steamy sex.
2. Do you lean more toward being submissive or dominant? Somewhere in the middle. Depends on who is in the mood first :)
3. What do you usually wear to bed? Shorts and a tee-shirt.
4. Have you ever seen a counselor? Yes, I have. It was very helpful.
5. Lights on or off? I prefer the lights off.
Bonus (as in optional): Bonus: Have you or a partner ever faked an orgasm? I have never needed to fake an orgasm. I hope my partner has never done so but who knows.


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