September 1, 2008

Monday's A Bitch: Summer Nights

Monday's A Bitch: Those Summer Nights
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1. What song will always remind you of this past summer? "Summer Time Blues" by Alan Jackson

2. If you had unlimited cash where would you like to get away to spend your summer and what sort of things would you do there? I would love to go to Ireland and visit the country side and see where my family is from.

3. If you were stuck on a beach for the summer, how many days would it take you to get sick of swimming,what materials would you use to construct a crude shelter and what random celebrity would you want to randomly show up there and remain topless for your viewing pleasure? I would probably tire of swimming after a week or so. But it would be good exercise. I would use whatever materials are handy to construct a crude shelter. Hopefully there will be palm trees around so I can use their leaves/branches. It would be cool if Vin Diesel showed up and ran around the beach with no shirt on!

4.Did you suffer any heat stroke or sunburns this summer? No.

5.Are you looking forward to anything in the fall? Not Really.

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