September 4, 2008

3x Thursday: Fall and Alone Time

3x Thursday: 09/04/2008: It's Almost Fall Again!
Hosted by The Hair Metal Queen

1. Well, it's almost Fall! Did you have a good summer? Why/why not? My summer was could have been better. Instead of working I would have rather been at the beach getting a nice tan!

2. Do you have anything special going on this fall? What is it? If not, do you want to plan something special to do? I would love to move to Wisconsin this fall! But I really have nothing special going on.

3. Obligatory Fall Question: Are there any favorite TV shows that you watch starting up again this fall? If so, what are they? If not, is there another event in a hobby that's coming up that you're looking forward to?
I want to see Heroes, CSI, Survivor and 90210! I am also looking forward to Christmas!


3x Thursday: 08/28/2008: Alone Time
Hosted by The Hair Metal Queen

1. Do you ever get a 'break' from people (Say your S.O. goes on a personal vacation or something)? If you do, do you like the time alone? Why/why not? I don't get a break from people very often and I get very frustrated because of that. I really enjoy my alone time because it gives me time to think and to be myself.

2. Do you think being alone is a bad thing? Why/why not? No, I do not think being alone is a bad think. Being alone gives a person time to pamper his or her self and to reflect on life.

3. Everyone gets lonely sometimes. How do you cope with being lonely? What do you do to make that feeling go away? I get lonely often and I also get depressed. When I am like that I make a point of talking to my family and friends so that the feelings are subdued.

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