August 9, 2008

Saturday Special: Creative Adventure XV

The Saturday Special
~~Creative Adventure XVI ~ Fill In The Blanks~
Hosted by Toni

1. While on a Caribbean cruise, I take the elevator to get to my room. Accidentally pressing the wrong button, the elevator door closes and then opens and I find myself in a hallway with many small doors.

2. Being the curious type, I leave the elevator and start to walk down the hallway and soon come to a large door. I slowly push it open and step inside. The room is full of many different "treasures" in different shapes and sizes.

3. Now worried, I turn around to go back to the elevator when I suddenly see a crazed women with too much makeup, messy hair and a hole in her shirt.

4. A little relieved and laughing to myself I realize that I am looking into a mirror.


  1. I saw myself, too (well, kinda). ;)
    Great story. I could read everyone's all day.

    Cheers from Manila!

  2. Thank you Gina and Frenchkys for visiting today :)


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