August 9, 2008

Saturday 9: Working in the Coalmines

1. What is your job and do you like it? I am the Business Manager for a non-profit organization and yes I like it. It does get stressful at times but so does any job.

2. What to you do to unwind after work?
I play World of Warcraft and other online games. I also read, do variety puzzles, watch movies and sleep.

3. Who have you known the longest of your friends? Nancy Joe and Johnny...since grade school.

4. Who do you go to for advice? At boss. At one.

5. Not counting your current relationship, how many times have you been in love? Once or twice. Though I am not sure if it was love or just lust.

6. What is you favorite snack food? Chocolate or ice cream.

7. What is the best meal you ate this week? Honey Barbecue Chicken Wings

8. What to you is the most important factor in romantic attraction? Trust (honesty, faithfulness)

9. What do you think is your worst habit? Drinking too much soda!

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  1. we have almost similar answer for six and nine.

    happy weekends.

    mine is here hope you can drop by. thanks.

  2. I'm making brownies right now, can you smell them?? I almost put soda for number 9 as well, although I am trying to drink more water these days.

    Have a great week!

  3. Chocolate!! How could I forget that?!?!

  4. There is a fine line between love & lust ;) Have a great Saturday!

  5. Milet...thank you :)

    Trish...Send me some brownies please! must never forget chocolate. is a very fine line but I think it nearly always leans more towards the lust side of things.

  6. Chocolate.. a favorite of mine too.

    I've not played World of Warcraft.. I wonder if I'd find it relaxing.

    Happy Saturday!


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