August 20, 2008

A Perfect Blend - Friendship Award

Mimi Lenox (Mimi Writes), the Blogosphere Queen of Bloggingham Palace received an award for being a "storytelling vixen from Chuck at "Foster Me Up". Mimi, even though she is a vixen :) has passed that award on to others...and I am lucky enough to be one of those reciepents! YAY for me. Thank you so very much Mimi! You are indeed the Queen :)

I hereby pass on this most worthy award to...
3 Sides of Crazy
Gina's Public Diary
Mercedes Rules
Multifaceted Mama
My Life As A Grandma
Penny Lane
Skittles Place
Southpaw's Journey
Tuffy's Tale
WTIT: The Blog


  1. Thank you Shannon! I have seen this award around and always wanted one because it is so pretty!

  2. Thank you Ms. Shannon! I love having you as my friend.

  3. Thanks Shannon, you made my day. I still have a smile on my face from that nice surprise.

  4. Thanks Shannon but I do have a question -- do I post the picture with a link and if so, whose link do I use? Yours since you gave the award?

    I am not use to getting awards. ;-\

  5. It's always good to see the good will spread. You rock!

  6. You are all very welcome.

    Jean...You may use my link and yes please :) use the picture. You need more awards!!!!

  7. are welcome :) are one cool doggie!

    Tamy...that is great :)

    Sandy...You rock also!!!!

  8. Bud will be thrilled to know that he's a vixen. I could testify to that in court....bwaahhaahahaa
    (I hope he doesn't read this. Shh!)

    Glad you enjoyed your award. You deserve it you little vixen you. You know, maybe I should look up the full meaning of that word. I just like the way it sounds. Sexy and soft and kinda scandalous in an innocent way.

    I hope I'm not in trouble in the blogosphere. Sigh.

  9. According to Merriam-Webster:

    Vixen is a noun.

    Etymology: Middle English (southern dialect) *vixen, alteration of Middle English fixen, from Old English fyxe, feminine of fox

    1 : a shrewish ill-tempered woman 2 : a female fox
    3 : a sexually attractive woman

    ***I prefer #2 or #3 :)!***

  10. Mimi...I dont think you are in trouble :). I do hope Bud does not get upset LOL

  11. I saw your comment at Bud's. You ARE a little vixen! lol
    I told him to pay no attention to you and that you were probably hallucinating. I plead the 5th.

    (I may need a 5th after this is over....)

  12. congratulations on your award Shannon!!

  13. LOL I enjoy being a vixen now and then :) Helps me to feel young!

    After this long week, a 5th sounds good!

    Thank you Flutter.

  14. I am a little late visiting-oopsie! This is such a beautiful award! I love it! Thanks so much! I am honored to have you as a friend! I hope to be back to blogging real soon too.

    Love Ya!


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