August 1, 2008

Friday 5: Before Your Time

Friday 5: Before Your Time
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1. Of television programs that aired before you were born, what’s your favorite? Leave It To Beaver

2. What person of historical significance was from your neighborhood or city? "The Battle of Pilot Knob"

3. What’s a story that’s often been told about someone in your family in the years before you came along?
None that I can think of right now. My dad's parents both died before I was born and Dad died in 1992. Mom died in 1991, her mom died in 1981 and her dad died in 1988. So, it is hard to remember any of the "good old days" stories.

4. Which of previous generations’ dumb mistakes (in deed or thought) baffles you the most? Having more children than they could afford.

5. What aspect of life in the good old days would you love to see a return to? Men opening doors, offering a woman his coat if she is chilly, and other acts of kindness towards women.


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